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WAITROSE - thank you for your recent donation.

Our charity received a cheque for £120 through the Community Matters Token Scheme.   Our appreciation to all the customers and staff at Waitrose.  We will ensure that the donation is put to good use.


Community Interest Companies (CICs)

For an initial 3-year pilot project from February 2019, our Trustees have agreed that Community Interest Companies (CICs) can be considered for funding.

Additional Criteria for CICs
• The CIC will usually have an established 3-year track record.
• The CIC’s community purpose must coincide with our Charity’s objects.
• The asset lock must be unambiguous.
• As with our existing funding policy, our priority would be to support local CICs rather than national or regional organisations.

Office Closed due to Annual Leave

Office Closed Notice

Due to Annual Leave, the office will be closed to the public ~~from Monday 8 July until Tuesday 23 July.



Community Grants - a record £333,350 awarded in April 2019!

SPEAR provides a range of services to support homeless people back into independent living.  Our charity has recently invested in a 4-bedroom home to be leased to Spear to support some of these beneficiaries.  Our two grants totalling £15,500 will contribute to the staff costs to provide 1-1 support; and furniture, furnishings and equipment for the new home.

Art and Soul is an arts and wellbeing charity that uses creative activity and positive community engagement to support mental wellbeing in the community.  The £9,000 grant will pay towards the Art and Soul Outward Bound Project 2019.  This will provide workshops, studio sessions, outreach sessions and an Exhibition as part of the Borough’s Art House open studio programme in June 2019.

Citizens Advice Richmond provides a range of generalist advice services covering welfare benefits, debt, housing, immigration, consumer and employment advice.  A grant of £60,000 will cover the costs of the service at the White House Community Centre 3 days per week; and a contribution towards staff, rent and administration costs for the Head Office in Hampton Hill.

Kick London delivers a number of services for schools, including mentoring for children and young people who have troubled backgrounds and challenging behaviour.  The aim is to transform lives: motivating the young person to education; empathy towards others; self-awareness; contributing to the local community; and improved social skills and confidence.  Our grant of £16,000 will provide a weekly mentoring service in two of our local junior schools.  This will benefit 40 children and young people who are resident in our area of benefit.



Fuel Grant Applications - Deadline Date

We are now accepting fuel grant applications for our Individual Grants Panel Meeting in September 2019.  The deadline date for applications is Friday 23 August 2019.

Thinking of changing fuel suppliers? Please contact us first!

If you are thinking of changing fuel suppliers and would like to benefit from our fuel grants please contact us before switching over. This is because we are unable to work with all the suppliers in the market. Currently we only work with the following companies: British Gas, Co-operative Energy, EDF, EON, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE (Southern Electric) and Utility Warehouse. If you would like to know more, please call us on: 020 8941 7866.